National Auctioneers Week 2019

Annually, National Auctioneers Week is the week leading up to the first Saturday in May - National Auctioneers Day. NAA members take part in a week-long promotional campaign that highlights NAA members and their community involvement, educates and encourages buyers, sellers, and the general public about the auction method and what it means for an auction professional to be an #NAAPro. 

The next National Auctioneers Week will be April 29-May 4, 2019, culminating with National Auctioneers Day on Saturday, May 4.

Use hashtags #NAAPro and #AuctionsWork in your social media posts!

Details for each day:

Logo Monday

April 29, 2019
Overlay your social media profile pic with a specially created frame from the NAA or change your profile pic to the NAA logo. 

Adding the frame to your Facebook profile picture Making the NAA Logo your profile picture
  1. Click the "Update" button on your profile photo
  2. Click on "Add Frame"
  3. Search using keywords NAA Pro and select the top choice
  4. Click the "Use as Profile Picture" button to save
(The frame will default to switch back to your previous profile picture in one week)

  1. Click here or the logo below to download the NAA logo
  2. Visit your Facebook profile and Click the "Update" button on your profile photo
  3. Click on "Upload Photo" and upload the NAA logo
  4. Click the "Use as Profile Picture" button to save

Click the logo to download!



How can this help grow my business?

Adding a frame to your picture changes up the routine, possibly causing more people to take a second look at you, and once they do, they’ll see that you’re a true professional in your field. Belonging to an organization that helps support and grow the industry in and of itself shows your passion for what you do.

Teach 'em Tuesday

April 30, 2019
Share the link to our Auction Adventures game along with what you would teach future auctioneers.

How can this help grow my business?

Part of showing how much you care about the industry is in how you treat future generations. The NAA’s Auction Adventures game was developed to raise children’s awareness of how auctions work. Promoting the game and using that opportunity to share what you would teach future auction professionals is a great way to show your dedication to the industry’s longevity.

Walk the Talk Wednesday

May 1, 2019
Share the NAA infographic about the association’s advocacy efforts and tag your elected officials.

How can this help grow my business?

As an NAA member, you’re a part of real change happening for auction professionals. Now is the time to show it off! Increasing awareness for the industry increases the likelihood that someone will choose the auction method for their needs.

Banner Success Thursday

May 2, 2019 
Post photos and videos of your clients holding your “Success with our #NAAPro!” sign. Share why you are a member of NAA and why people should hire an NAA Pro. #NAAPro #AuctionsWork 

How can this help grow my business?

When someone checks out your business page for the first time and they see happy, satisfied customers and clients, and an auctioneer backed by a national organization, they’ll be more likely to want to be one of those happy, satisfied people.

Philanthropy Friday

May 3, 2019 
Share photos and stories of how you’ve helped organizations and people throughout the past year. Tag them and #AuctionsWork #NAAPro. 

How can this help grow my business?

Some businesses have seen huge success in recent years by attaching their charitable works to every purchase made by their customers. The fact is, people are already shopping, but if they can also do good in the world while shopping, that’s a win-win for them. Showcasing what you do for charity is something you should be doing all year because it shows your investment in the community and the greater good overall. But you can also make the most out of the good that you do by promoting it—not it a way that is attention seeking, but in a way that tells your audience there’s so much more to what you do as an auction professional.

Celebration Saturday

May 4, 2019 
It’s National Auctioneers Day! Share a message of thanks to your clients and invite them to connect with you. NAA will supply the “thank you” graphic. #NAAPro #AuctionsWork 

How can this help grow my business?

Businesses would not exist without the buyers and sellers you work with everyday. Share your gratitude for them, and invite them to connect with you! Thanking your clients is just another way to make them feel valued, and in turn, come back for more!

Watch Congressman Jeff Duncan speak about National Auctioneers Week in Congress!